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Simple gestures such as smiling, listening and answering questions are so commonplace in customer care techniques, that they have almost lost their value of effectiveness. A company’s daily operation can show how focused they are on their customers. Those companies that are consumer-orientated consider all the actions they perform in relation to the customer, including policy setting, the hiring of new employees, training of staff, product design and resource planning. Being the generators of an organization’s income, the customer is always considered first.

Customer-focused management is the preeminent principle addressed in this comprehensive ‘research-based’ Course. Through skills gained in this Course, managers and leaders will be able to effectively and efficiently manage customer-based mechanisms in their organizations to gain and retain customers.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Successful customer service tools including service management and efficient productivity
  • Leadership principles to enhance customer-focused management
  • The knowledge and skills to grow revenue and improve customer retention
  • Keys to minimizing staff turnover and enhancing teamwork
  • Skills to lead a professional and successful customer-driven team

Who Should Attend

Customer focused management skills have become vital for all professionals in this modern era. CEOs, enterprise owners (large and small), managers and even freelancers need excellent relationship-building and customer-retention skills to further their careers and support a high level of performance in their industry.


Day One

  • Service/Production customer expectations
  • Vision and mission of the organization
  • My role in customer service
  • Living the brand with customer in mind

Day Two

  • Enhancing Leadership and Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Communication as a core competency
  • Overcoming communication barriers in the workplace
  • The supervisor’s role in conflict resolution and service recovery

Day Three

  • Setting Customer Service Policies and Performance Standards
  • Why customer should be considered in every company policy
  • Workflow design that is customer friendly
  • Empowering front line employees to better serve their customers

Day Four

  • Building High-Performance Teams and Motivating Individuals
  • Team performance
  • Building teamwork with support and recognition
  • Personal problems and work stress affecting customer service

Day Five

  • Leading the Way to Superior Customer Service
  • Setting performance goals and expectations
  • Your strength is determined by the weakest team member
  • How to Give and receive constructive feedback


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