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Many authorities, including management professionals and authors, acknowledge ‘control’ as being the main business of leaders and managers. Various mechanisms can be used to exercise this control, including monitoring systems. These mechanisms, when used correctly, can guarantee projects are managed and delivered with high-quality results.

This extensive Course addresses the need for project managers, and leaders in other realms of business, to have excellent monitoring and control techniques.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The fundamentals of supplier segmentation
  • The ability to set up effective control structures that include proper measures
  • Management skills for Stakeholder involvement
  • The ability to understand, determine and manage the risks of engaging suppliers
  • Skills needed to properly manage relationships with suppliers
  • Tools to manage deviations and breaches of contract
  • Tools for managing contract disputes and legal matters
  • The ability to deal with non-performance using legal rights, controls and solutions

Who Should Attend

This Course will greatly aid project managers, officers, business owners and any individual working in the project management field, even freelancers. The ‘research-based’ knowledge departed in this program will benefit anyone seeking to improve their skills in contract composition and management.


Day One

  • Introduction to Contract management
  • Contract management framework
  • Identification and classification of contracts
  • Recognition, measurement and disclosure to Supply Chain Management

Day Two

  • Planning, budgeting and reporting cycle
  • Oversight of contract management
  • Resourcing contract management activities
  • Document and information management

Day Three

  • Contract Relationship management
  • Contracting Methods
  • Performance management
  • Contract monitoring and evaluation

Day Four

  • Importance of Monitoring
  • Project Goal and Objectives
  • Indicators, Source/Means of Verification
  • Assumptions

Day Five

  • Legal aspects
  • Performance security
  • Managing arbitrations
  • Communicating Results
  • Continuous quality improvement using monitoring

3 reviews for Contract Management

  1. Emma Watson

    This was a organized training. Thanks for everything.

  2. Andrew Abunga

    I was impressed with the interactive lectures and activities. Thanks Accordemy!

  3. Suzzana

    All was great!

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