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The growth of digital communication is tremendous. Despite technological advances today, in-person meetings have kept their importance and efficiency in communicating with teams and colleagues. Even though this form of natural communication allows for clear and participatory interaction, meetings that are not conducted and managed properly can lead to disruption in the workplace.

This Course includes tested ‘research-based’ principles for conducting business meetings and proceedings. Inclusive, efficient and effective communication skills will enable leaders to successfully and confidently speak to large groups of people.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Skills to plan for meetings perfectly
  • Situations when an RSVP should be a prerequisite
  • The skills to set up protocols and outcomes for your meetings
  • Organisational and management skills to set up agendas for events
  • The ability to take Minutes and keep record of meetings, and the importance thereof
  • Tools to include, as well as, manage audio and visual aids in your meetings
  • An understanding of situations when meetings are not required

Who Should Attend

Meetings are consistently used in business strategies to aid company coherence and understanding. This Course is beneficial to any person in our modern, digital world looking to improve their presenting skills with confidence, as well as, improve their skills to effectively conduct and manage meetings. These include managers, CEOs, directors, leaders and freelancers alike.


Day One

  • Why Meetings
  • Participant Needs
  • Setting agenda and objectives
  • When a meeting is not necessary
  • Timeline Management

Day Two

  • Meeting information to be circulated
  • The decisions made by the group must be documented
  • Venue Selection

Day Three

  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Standard Designs Review
  • Food & Beverage
  • Sound, Lighting, Video
  • On-Site Check-In
  • Translation
  • Concierge
  • Entertainment & Speakers Management
  • Photo/Video Capture and Post-Event Usage


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