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Animation is that stimulus to the mental, physical, and emotional life of people in a given area which moves them to undertake a wider range of experiences through which they find a higher degree of self-realization, self-express, and awareness of belonging to a community which they can influence” – quoted by Simpson 1989:54 referred in Smith, 1999.

Designed with proven ‘research-based’ principles, this Course will aid leaders who promote community involvement in developmental programs. This extensive workshop will help people to heighten their performance through positive change and is ideal for leaders across all fields of business.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Known rural development biases
  • The tools needed to recognize the difference between social animation and social mobilization
  • The fundamentals of animation within communities
  • A guideline for community animation planning and implementation
  • The role of the Animator in the community animation process
  • Management principles of stakeholder involvement in community animation
  • Sustainable outcomes for community animation

Who Should Attend

All levels of management including team leaders, NGO directors, business holders, and project managers will gain useful practical skills through this Course. Any person wanting to better their understanding in this field is also welcome to join, including consultants and freelancers.


Day One

  • Principles of Community Development
  • Active and Passive role of communities
  • Community Mobilization versus Animation
  • Practical Work

Day Two

  • Animation principles and features
  • Animation Process
  • Community animation scope
  • Community involvement

Day Three

  • Practical group work
  • Steps of Community Animation
  • Resources needed and preparations required
  • Stakeholder management for community animation

Day Four

  • Managing the Inter community outcomes of animation
  • Using the animation practice for planning development work
  • Maximizing the benefit and integration of community development work
  • Practical Work on Animation Techniques

Day Five

  • Proper use of animation results for planning and funding
  • Inter-agency decision making based on animation results
  • Group activity to practice inter-agency decision making
  • Maintaining sustainable development


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