Communication is a vital part of daily life, whether on a personal or professional level.  Body language forms over half of that communication. The way in which communication is presented, as well as, the personal ‘filters’ of our audience, can determine whether the idea is perceived accurately or not. Occasionally, our messages are perceived differently to our wishes.

This Course is ‘research-based’ and addresses the needs for proper communication in business. Body language techniques provided in this training are proven to increase effective communication.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Basic principles of communication
  • An understanding of the ‘You’ approach and its application
  • Tools to cultivate correct tone when communicating
  • Presentation techniques to incorporate multi-media in a fitting way
  • Skills to master your presence when communicating
  • Practical ways to heighten impact
  • An understanding of Spot Lies

Who Should Attend

This Course is profitable for any member of the business sphere including junior staff, as well as, leaders. Managers, CEOs, business owners, freelancers, and consultants will benefit greatly from this comprehensive training program. Any person wishing to increase their knowledge in this field is welcome to join.


Day One

  • Communication challenges in business
  • Verbal vs. non-verbal communication
  • Cultures and common expressions
  • Killer First Impression
  • Your image as your brand
  • The sub-conscious level recording of identities

Day Two

  • Powerful Elevator Pitch
  • Decoding the Face
  • Sympathy in action
  • Confident Body Language
  • The Art of Networking
  • How to Sell Anything to Anyone

Day Three

  • Human Lie Detection
  • Nonverbal Branding
  • Body Language in Business
  • Negotiation Nonverbal
  • Delivering a “BAD NEWS”


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