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Most of relief and development communication is done through means of written communication. The right perspective, as well as, tone is needed when approaching stakeholders, donors, partners and employees. It is essential that managers and leaders have professional communication skills, especially in relief and development arenas.

This Course offers comprehensive and professional business writing tools and skills. With ‘research-based’ approaches, this training will enhance an individual’s performance and success in business writing adeptness.


This Course will provide you with:

  • A foundation for effective writing
  • The ability to identify the information needed when communication in business
  • The skills needed to identify and improve your current writing form
  • The 7 C’s of professional business communication
  • Skills to write coherently
  • An understanding of the importance of tone in business writing
  • The ‘You’ approach and proper persuasive techniques

Who Should Attend

Communication skills are necessary for all forms of business transactions. This Course provides vital skills to managers of any level, team leaders, NGO and NPO employees, as well as, CEOs. Business owners and freelancers will also gain greatly from this content.


Day One

  • Difference between common types of business communication
  • Principles of business writing
  • Grammatical errors that we always make
  • Review of business writing principles
  • Formal writing ethics

Day Two

  • The 7 C’s in writing
  • Types of writing and tone in writing
  • The “YOU” approach in practice

Day Three

  • Practice on paragraph writing
  • Paramedics writing (Practice to concise writing)
  • The killing jargons
  • Components of a proposal

Day Four

  • Give me a reason to read!
  • What to put first and why
  • The art of proof reading
  • Email reporting hints and ethics

Day Five

  • What is the point
  • Take the reader to a show
  • How long is long enough in writing
  • Assumptions


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