Strategic behavior change communication can ensure stronger community contribution in any social development intervention. It has been in the center of attention of development donors and government programs. For example, the W.H.O. emphasizes on behavior change communication as an important component of every health program. Besides, many studies have well documented behavioral barriers to diseases control. Behavioral change communication course empowers professionals to design, implement, monitor and evaluate BCC projects. Further, the behavior change communication course emphasizes that planning must ensure that messages are communicated to key audiences, activities are based on relevant behavioral theories.


This course will provide you with:

  • How to conduct a communication needs assessment for health and social development
  • An answer to the question- How to ensure BCC interventions are effective?
  • Understanding of challenges to effective communication and measurement of risk itself.
  • Developing skills of interpersonal communication to improve treatment.
  • An interactive process of any intervention with individuals, communities and/or societies to develop communication strategies to promote positive behaviors.
  • Communication strategies that are built to control the behavior of common diseases.
  • Effective methods for community development.
  • How to analyze the statistical data and identify the risks associated.
  • How to mobilize communities to work with behavior change communication.

Who Should Attend

Behavior change communication course is intended for an audience seeking to improve their knowledge in social development communication management. Therefore, employees and personnel involved in management of BCC projects/programs in health and social development projects can benefit from this training. Besides, it can be helpful for consultants and freelancers who want to take themselves to the next level by developing advanced communication techniques and strategies.


Day One

  • Introduction to Human Behavior
  • Fundamentals to community-based development communication
  • Behavior change communication
  • Communication for development
  • How to conduct a comprehensive and cost effective communication needs assessment

Day Two

  • Principles of behaviors change communication
  • Main steps in developing a comprehensive communication strategy
  • Introduction to information education communication (IEC)
  • What is inclusive and community-centered communication
  • Direct vs. indirect communication strategies
  • Social media management and concurrent online interaction with target audience

Day Three

  • How to design an inclusive media communication and creating a media mix
  • Community owned communication approaches
  • Setting communication priorities and formulating a communication strategy
  • Monitoring and evaluation of BCC interventions

Day Four

  • Behavior change communication campaigns’ management
  • Communication and education development policies
  • Prepare case study
  • Individual action planning
  • Question and Answer Session


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