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To attain a company’s vision, a leader needs strong Strategic Planning skills. Daily targets and workflow need to align with the goal of the business, and the manager needs to have the ability to shape these objectives as needed on a continual basis.

This Course will provide managers with adequate Strategic Planning skills; giving them the confidence and steps needed to achieve their targets successfully.


This Course will provide you with:

  • In-depth SWOT analysis skills
  • A comparison of SWOT & PEST tools (along with others)
  • The types of Strategies and the when to use them
  • A list of members needed for a Strategic Planning team
  • An understanding of perception, sub-conscious thinking and how these affect Strategic Planning
  • A firm grasp of what a Vision entails, its origin and the values and beliefs thereof
  • An understanding of why people fail to attain their goals
  • Tools to prepare an action plan
  • Tools needed to execute and audit Strategic Plans

Who Should Attend

Strategic Planning is vital for any business in any industry. Leaders skillful in implementing Strategic Planning will successfully attain the goals of their organization. Managers, team leaders, freelancers, business directors and CEOs alike will find this Course beneficial.


Day One

  • The sub-conscious level thinking and its impact on human character
  • Beliefs and values
  • Vision and mission
  • Define yourself

Day Two

  • What is an organization?
  • Why strategic planning
  • Vision and Mission Statement
  • SOWT analysis and its comparison with other analysis tools

Day Three

  • Types of strategies and their use
  • Strategy statement
  • Introduction to different strategic planning tools

Day Four

  • Setting your strategic goals
  • Strategic objectives
  • Competitive and functional strategies
  • How should a strategic planning document look like?

Day Five

  • Decision making for success
  • Time management for project managers
  • Conducting effective meeting
  • Project exit strategy and closure

2 reviews for Advanced Strategic Planning

  1. Martin

    A very good exposure and experience.

  2. Jennifer Abunga

    I liked the trainer and the content. It could be better if there were more participants. We were a small group this time.

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