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The nature and intent behind a deal can determine its success. Even if your success and financial security are safeguarded, deals conducted in bad faith can lead to conflict and feelings of animosity amongst partners and members of the same industry.

This training program will give you the skills necessary to make deals and negotiations in a civil and honorable manner. Improve your career advancement opportunities with this unique and affordable Course.


This Course will provide you with:

  • The opportunity to lead successful ‘win-win’ negotiations
  • A practical understanding of the latest business negotiation techniques
  • The skills to make sure that your agreements are profitable and secure
  • Tools to handle critical negotiations and minimize your loss

Who Should Attend

Anyone desirous of enhancing his or her negotiation related abilities. The Negotiation Skills Training is perfect for executives, employees, individuals etc.


Day One

  • Difference between Communication and Negotiation skills
  • Basics of negotiation
  • Major influences on the process choice
  • Basic elements of successful negotiation
  • Negotiation process REPA
  • Planning for Negotiation

Day Two

  • Objectives of Power negotiation
  • The negotiator qualities
  • How to develop negotiation skills
  • Areas of Common interest

Day Three

  • Opponents feelings
  • Avoid undesirable behavior
  • Fundamentals elements of negotiation process
  • Pre bargaining process
  • Bargaining Phase

Day Four

  • Closure Phase
  • Some more aspects of Negotiations
  • 10 ways to generate more ideas
  • Emotions in negotiations

Day Five

  • Positive affect in negotiations
  • Negative affect in negotiations
  • Distinctive negotiation behaviors of countries
  • Differences in managerial values as pertinent to negotiation
  • Differences in thinking and decision making process.
  • Wrap Up and Course Evaluation

2 reviews for Advanced Negotiation Skills

  1. Jason C. Brinkley

    I am pleased to be here. It was a nice experience.

  2. Jaime G. Harold

    I liked the content and presentation.

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