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Analysis of your business’ performance through reporting can greatly assist in taking your company to the next level. This data will gauge current performance and enable you to improve the of planning, monitoring and control of your business in the future. This comprehensive Course encourages participation, aiding in-depth understanding of the topic.


This Course will provide you with:

  • Advanced Analytical techniques to aid decision-making
  • An understanding of graphical and statistical analysis
  • Advanced Excel skills needed in representing analyzed data
  • Forecasting data discernment
  • Advanced Information & Statistical insight
  • A practical application of Data Analysis in your industry

Who Should Attend

The gathering and analysis of information can be used to forecast your company’s path to success. Strategists, project managers and analysts alike can benefit from this in-depth and comprehensive training Course and use this data to make informed decisions about their business’ growth.


Day One

  • Introduction of Information Analysis
  • Data and Methods of Collecting information
  • The Limitations of information and Data Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis of Data – Mean; Median and Mode; Variance and Standard Deviation

Day Two

  • Regression Analysis
  • Information and data Linear Regression
  • Non-linear regression
  • Risk Management using Data Analysis

Day Three

  • Classic Tools and Techniques
  • Moving Average and Exponential Smoothing information
  • Advanced and Applied Solver and Goal Seek
  • Value Stream Analysis

Day Four

  • Estimating Events Duration using Statistical estimates
  • Network and Critical Path Analysis
  • Economic Quantity Order Analysis – to optimize inventory levels
  • Linear Programming and Optimization Techniques to optimize resource allocation e.g. inventory and capital

Day Five

  • Earned Value Analysis – to identify Project Cost and Schedule Variances
  • Sensitivity Analysis in Decision Making
  • Evaluating Alternatives
  • Analyzing and Forecasting



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