Accordemy Affiliate program covers only its public courses.

Professional Courses are always in demand and never go out of fashion. Companies and organizations spend millions on training their staff in various professional disciplines to improve their performance at work.

Promote our courses on your space and start making money with no extra effort.

Monetize your Professional Courses related content and media with affiliate links to our courses, and earn big commissions for every sale generated.

We are providing this opportunity for any person, group, or company to work with us as an affiliate and get benefits for sales generated. As an affiliate, you will not only earn some financial benefits, but play a significant role in global development and professional support to individuals, and communities.

This affiliate program applies to Open Courses (scheduled events for specific destinations), and Group and In-house training (available for taking anywhere in the world).

You will earn an attractive commission of 15% for 5 or fewer participants, registering through your link for the same course event (Open Course); and 30% when 6-20+ participants register for the same course event.

Group or In-house sessions are only available for a minimum of 7 participants, hence you will get 30% for each participant enrolled.


Let’s do the Maths.

Let’s say you send us 5 participants in a month for a course that costs, $3,000.

=> $450 x 5 = $2,250 commission.

You send 10 participants in a month for the same course.

=> $900 x 10 = $9,000 commission earned in that month.

Accord worldwide - Affiliate Program

How does it work?

    1. You register as an affiliate through the Affiliates Registration form on the right.
    1. You get a unique affiliate link upon completion of registration.
    1. Anyone who comes to our website through this link for 30 days, is marked as your referral, and any course registration they complete, you get a commission for the sale as per the criteria explained above.
  1. All commissions earned in a month are paid after the next calendar month is complete. e.g: if you earned commission in January, it would be released to you on 1st of March. Why? In some cases, a customer will request for a refund due to changes in their plan. 

How I can benefit from this?

    • Do you have access to a mailing list or contacts in large organizations or companies?
    • Do you have access to a huge fan following on any social network including Youtube, in a related niche?
    • Do you have a web portal or blog with an audience in a similar niche?
  • Are you able to promote through any other means, like having access to any advertising platforms?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you can easily benefit from this opportunity by Registering as an Affiliate and promoting our programs through your affiliate link. We can help you create simple content like banners and images for your fan pages, or you can simply record a simple video presentation, and promote it on your channel.

As long as people come to us through your link and register for any of our courses, you will get your commission. And if you are able to send us multiple sales every month, we can even offer you better commission rates.

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